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Some simple food choices for better Bone Health.

Bone Health

One of the predominant bone health concerns with old age is that of pain. Men and women above 40 are often seen complaining about back, joints, knee, and sheen bone pain. Often these kinds of pains are related to unhealthy or weak bones that are caused by either lack of exercise or nutrients. Bone is the tissue that forms the basic structure of the human body.

Bones become stronger when they are exercised and become weak and brittle when there is a lack of exercise. It is more evident in women due to two possible reasons. Childbirth takes its toll on the female body and often leaves the bones depleted while the child’s growth is supported within the body. Also, with age, there is a drop in the production of a hormone called estrogen in the body, resulting in weight loss.

Poor bone health can cause several health conditions in the human body. One such health condition is osteoporosis. In a recent trial, the lifetime risks for osteoporotic fracture for women aged 50 years and over are 17.5% for hip fracture, 15.6% for clinically diagnosed vertebral fracture, and 16% for distal forearm fracture. That’s a whopping 49.1% of women expected to face just osteoporosis-related fractures. That’s how alarming these numbers are.

The world celebrated world Women’s Day yesterday. We are here to present some food that we can quite easily add to our daily routine and diet to maximize the chances of keeping our bones strong and healthy. However, this article is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


Some fishes are rich sources of Vitamin D3 and also Omega 3 fatty acids. Fishes like Salmon and Bluefish are a rich source of both. Just a 3-ounce portion of fish provides more than 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin D3.

Green leafy and other vegetables.

Spinach, kale, lettuce, and anything green. The key is lots of greens and a lot of vegetables. As much as you can eat. These are a good source of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and other phytonutrients.

Milk and Calcium-rich food.

Milk that is low in fat and sugar. It is a rich source of Calcium. It can have more far-reaching results if that is coupled with a calcium-rich cereal. Even other food products that are made out of milk like butter, cheese, and yogurt can be extremely beneficial. Yogurt is rich in protein and good bacteria (pro-biotic) that also promote a healthy gut. Choose non-fat yogurt for a satisfying and healthy snack, or Greek yogurt which provides additional protein.

Milk Substitutes.

For people with lactose intolerance or even otherwise, one could look at other milk product substitutes. Milk obtained from almonds, soy, cashew, or hemp is extremely beneficial.

Just making a conscious choice of what to eat and what not to can go a long way in maintaining healthy bones and ensuring that we take better care of ourselves. 

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