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Scrambled eggs that tastes the best.


As I settle down to my newly achieved retired life, this part of my life is purely supposed to see the best part of me. The intent is clear. This part of my life is earmarked to bring the best out of me. Following my passion and love of my life. Something that I have always been passionate about is food.

262 pounds of “ME”

Over the years, my sedentary lifestyle and corporate job gave me a lot of things to be worried about. Like it gave me obesity and early stages of diabetes. With a reversal in my lifestyle, I have already witnessed immense changes in my health – both mental and physical. What it has also done is given me the chance to explore some really healthy food and recipes. A few these are pretty self-styled and that’s what I take the opportunity to share with you all.

My best friend.

What helps me in this effort is the fact that the love of my life is a big foody herself. She is also an excellent cook. We share a lot of these interests between us and very often we come up with some tasty twists. These tasty foods run not all helps our palates but certainly adds more flavor to our relationship. It is really surprising to think the amount of time we spend discussing food. We also ensure that we at least have one meal together every day.

Tastiest Scrambled eggs ever.

For long, ever since my college days, scrambled eggs – more popularly known in India as Anda Bhurji has been one of my favorites. As a college student, we would walk out of our hostel a little after midnight to enjoy one of the best bhurji ever. WE had this guy who would make bhurji at a roadside stall for us till the wee hours of the morning. His specialty was a wet masala that he would make out of green chilli, coriander leaves and kasuri methi. This masala would lend it the most amazing taste.

Reminder of Kasuri Methi.

While discussing a new version of this Anda bhurji with my other half, she mentioned kasuri methi. The very mention of it took me 25 years back to the times when I really enjoyed that bhurji. I was immediately so excited to try this new recipe. I was in fact bubbling with joy and exuberance to get started with it straight away.

The Ingredients:-

The ingredients are very simple, every kitchen ingredient.

Scrambled eggs


Onions (Finely chopped) – 3 medium sized.

Tomatoes (Finely chopped) – 2 medium sized.

Ginger garlic paste – 1.5 Table spoon.

Turmeric powder – half spoon.

Cumin powder – half spoon.

Coriander powder – half spoon

Eggs – 4.

Kasuri Methi – 2 spoons.

The recipe:-

Fry the onions till they are slightly brownish and transparent. Add the dry powdered turmeric, cumin, coriander and kasuri methi and fry them some more. Add the chopped tomatoes and salt to taste and a little tomato ketchup. The tomato ketchup gives it a slightly tangy taste and adds to the color. The beauty of this recipe is what my partner adds here. Just break the eggs and leave them gently into the pan. Try it yourself and leave your comments and suggestions as to how we can make it tastier.


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