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Oats – Healthy, tasty, hassle free recipe you must try.

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Ever since I was able to quit my corporate job, it’s been a very refreshing and delightful new start. My first major achievement was to come down to 229 pounds of body weight from 262 pounds. I haven’t even started yet though. The only change that I have been able to bring about is a change in my schedule. I have also been able to make a few changes in my diet, however, a lot is still remaining to be explored. I just discovered the wonder of Oats.

Change in diet.

I am a big-time food lover and one who could just put on weight even by drinking water. Hence, in order to be able to lose weight, I have had to ensure that I ate right. I took a 3-month Certificate course on Nutrition as well to get a better understanding. However, with 12 hours of corporate job a day (including to and fro travel time), the last thing one can worry about is the quality of food. The shift towards a healthier diet and lifestyle is a small shift that makes a big difference.

One food to wholeheartedly accept.

If you can supplement your daily food with oats, you can actually nail it. As I did more research about this wonder food, I was surprised beyond limit to see the number of benefits it has on us. A simple shift in diet can go a really long way. What adds to that is the versatility of oats. You can make it in so many different ways, mix it with so many different ingredients, various cooking styles to beat the monotony of eating the same food day in and day out. Yes, you have the option of the regular oats porridge which can bore you to death. Then there’s Masala oats to be eaten with a blend of spices. You can mix it with pulses to make delicious khichdi. You can make omelets by mixing it with eggs and also make something I call Cheela (that’s how spell it, however, you are free to have your own version). Its something similar to Masala omelets that you will find in the menu card of almost all vegetarian restaurants.


Onion – 1 medium sized.

Tomato –  half medium sized.

Capsicum – optional

Carrots – Optional

Oats – 6 large scoops

Besan – 3 large scoops.

Salt – to taste.

Recipe of Cheela.

It’s a smart copy of what we would get if we ordered Masala Omelets in a veg restaurant. Except that, it has a lot of oats in it. This mixture would make at least 4 Cheelas which is enough for 2 people.

Soak the oats in warm water for about an hour till it softens. Mix besan and some more water to make a paste. Add the rest of the ingredients to make a consistent paste that is not watery. Pre heat a frying pan, preferably a non-stick one. Put very little oil so that taking it off the pan would be easy. Spread the paste with a spoon on the pan evenly like how we make omelets. Let it cook. It would be much thicker than the traditional omelets and would take sometime to cook. Cook in low flame to ensure that it is properly done. Flit it over to cook both sides. Serve with sauce or pickle.


This dish gives you a lot of flexibility and breaks the monotony of eating oats every day. Its is definitely tasty and healthy for sure. Try it yourself and leave your comments below so we could exchange views. Also, if you have some more special recipes like these, feel free to connect so you can be a guest author in my blog. Cheers to that.


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