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Mumbai – Refreshing morning ride and some yummy breakfast.


The weekend is here. After the grind of the week that just went by, it’s time to unwind, do some soul searching, and some extended session of meditation to tell yourself that you are prepared for the week ahead. In Mumbai, the crowd and the traffic get to you. By the time the week gets over, you feel drained and the need to be one with nature. Just let yourself go and get the best of what you can make.

5he morning started with a ride to a small seaside village called Retibandar. That, in the local language, means Sand town. A pretty apt name as all that this place has is sand and some really warm, friendly people. Not to forget, this is the true beginning of Mumbai. The city that has been known as the Financial Capital of India and is one of the most significant business places across the world also had a humble beginning. 

Mumbai started as a small fishing village centuries ago. The Koli, an aboriginal tribe of fishermen, were the earliest known inhabitants of present-day Mumbai. Mumbai and current-day Greater Mumbai has been inhabited for thousands of years. The city was a center of maritime trade with Persia and Egypt in 1000 BCE. So though the history of the island city is a rather illustrious one, it has been principally a city that has its massive share of fisheries and that has been the primary livelihood for the people in the not-so-modern Mumbai.

You are barely 12km away from the crowded city and you are in the lap of nature. Such has been the proximity of beautiful nature from the heart of the city. A half an hour ride along these roads can be the best stress buster that one can think of. Lovely non-complicated roads and friendly simple people are all you want. What you can think of to top this all is some really nice and simple breakfast 

So, I walk into the Fountain Hotel to have some yummy and favorite Mumbai breakfast. Minced Mutton cooked in Indian Spices and called Kheema. But unfortunately, I reached this place after 11 am and apparently, they do not serve Kheema after 11 am. So I shall talk about Kheema another day when I come back for it again. I was disappointed cause I would have been having Kheema after at least 4 years or more at this place. This place is well known throughout Mumbai for its Kheema but all about that on another day when I actually get to eat it.

So I left from there and Came to a place called Karjat Wada. For all of those who have driven down to Goa from Mumbai, Karjat Wada is a familiar name for sure. In fact, for most, it must be bringing back many sweet or mat be even bitter memories. Such is my state too. However, I couldn’t stop mys3lf from having a dig at their Wada-pao. So I walked over to the counter to order one Wada pao. The last looked at me in disbelief. Who the hell c9mes to Karjat Wada and orders 1 Wada pao? There was a big question mark all over her face. 

Their wada-pao hasn’t changed over the years. Now if you are not from Mumbai, you won’t know the emotional appeal that Wada-pao has on every Mumbaikar. A Mumbaikar is incomplete without Wada-pao so, to say the least. There is a heavy garlic flavor that stands out when you taste the Karjat Wada. It’s just perfect. Never been too much or too little and perfectly consistent in every bite.

One wada-pao was good enough to relive those memories associated with it and the numerous up and down trips that I made to Goa by road. Time for me to bite into some really delicious non-veg club sandwiches. A 2-layered sandwich. A tasty paste made of Mayonnaise, cheese, butter, mutton mince, and shredded chicken forms one layer. The other layer is fried eggs with seasoning and sauce. Overall, a lovely blend of flavors. 

It was a great Sunday morning I must say. The purpose of unwinding was served for sure and the food was the icing on the cake. That leaves me a little sad thinking I won’t be in Mumbai next weekend. But shall be back with some more yummy food from some really lovely food stalls around Mumbai.

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