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Khaaibar Paas – Culmination of Bengali food Culture

Khaaibar Paas

Starting on December 24th till December 26th was held the annual food affair in City Centre, Durgapur. Sponsored by TV News Channel Star Ananda, it is a culmination of all the Bengali food from all over West Bengal in India. Saying that the Bengalis are Foodies, is an understatement. The display of all the food at this event called KHAAIBAR PAAS (meaning permission to eat) are typically what you would get to eat from all around West Bengal.

A 72 hour event.

Bengali food

There were 48 stalls in all. That is definitely more than 30 stalls from last year. A clear indication that the event is getting popularity.

The event is for just 3 days and that is what ensures heavy footfall for this event. My personal take on this would be that the event be extended for a few more days. I could see people coming in from neighboring cities to attend the event. The crowd actually deterred a lot of people from buying and tasting the food on display. The food is from different parts of West Bengal and most of this kind of food is not available for the people of Durgapur to enjoy. My personal recommendation is to have this event extended to 120 hours so that people like me can visit again and make the most of the food on display.

The Stalls.

While there were a few stalls that were not selling food and selling other services. The actual food stalls were seen to serve and se

ll all sorts of Bengali food and even other food that one can think of. The first food stall was that of Turkisyano Turkish Ice Cream, followed by Bengali food served by Parboni. Pithe Bilashi was serving typical Bengali sweets that’s mostly made festive time. Pantha Tirtha from Krishnanagar, Mouchaak from Durgapur, Mithaaiwala, Hindustan sweets, Shitalamata Mistanna from Uttarpara, Nolen Chandra das were all serving regular and their speciality sweets.  Felu Modak from Rishra, Sweets and Sugar from Kalna were hers serving Modak and Confectioneries.


Bengali food


I believe the most popular Biryani in West Bengal is biryani served by Dada Boudi Hotel from Barrackpore. The most amazing Malai Biryani that you can possibly find in West Bengal. This single stall had over a 100 people in queue to be served their speciality biryani. Definitely the one with the maximum sales in these 3 days. Other popular one selling Biryani was Tawa Biryani. Bakkhali Combo centre was also serving some Fish Biryani which attracted a lot of people.

Other popular Food Stalls

The other stalls available at the fair were stalls selling a variety of other Bengali food. Juices, mocktails, Momos, Pan, Sea food, Mughlai were a few of the stull being on offer. Some stalls served Fish delicacies and some traditional dishes like Bhetki paturi (Bhetki fish cooked in Banana leaf). There a stall for Lebanese food and also another one that served Doi and Rabri from Nabadweep. Yet another outlet served all sorts of pickle made out of  all possible ingredients one can think of.


Overall, the variety of food avail

able and the quality as well was way beyond my expectation. It was a very pleasant surprise as I was not ready to be served food from all parts of West Bengal. A suggestion is to extend it for a few days more as the range of food on offer cannot be enjoyed in just 3 days even if one visits the place twice a day.

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