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Honey – The path to an energetic and healthy life.

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Honey – A substance found on the planet whose chemical composition is very close to that of human blood. If it is consumed raw, it has one kind of impact. If honey is consumed in cold water it has another kind of impact keeping the blood chemistry in a certain balance and pure. Wonderful for children in terms of increasing intellectual capabilities

The Jenukurubas

In Karnataka, there is a certain tribe called Jenukurubas. This tribe by profession is honey shepherds. Their diet is first thing in the morning, one bamboo glass of honey. These bamboo shoot glasses hold about 3/4 of a liter of honey. That’s all they have, 3 parts of a liter of honey in the morning and then they are out in the forest. In a day easily they walk 30 to 40 kilometers and climb a minimum of 50 trees. Till evening there is no nothing else to eat. While harvesting, whatever comes on their hand they lick that.

So in a day, they end up consuming a liter or a liter and a half of honey. When they come back in the evening, there is some cereal usually it’s called Jola. That’s Jawar or it’s like maize or ragi. This means their main staple diet is honey. They just drink these 3 parts of a liter of honey and the whole day they are so active. There is no hunger. They are just fired up. That’s how they live. Their diet is 100 percent honey.

The Goodness of honey.

Honey is one of the best things that you can consume for psychological stability and physical well-being and vitality. All these aspects can be greatly enhanced by simply consuming honey daily. Honey is the only substance found on the planet whose chemical composition is very close to that of human blood. Change a few things in it chemically and it is almost like blood. Daily consumption of honey can do a lot for your health, especially for people who have excess mucous problems. It is very good for your heart, good for your brains, keeps your mind alert, and is highly energetic.

Daily consumption of honey can do a lot especially if you have growing children. They must consume honey daily. It will


help a lot in the development and enhance intelligence. Ash Gourd and honey together will make a wonderful diet for children in terms of enhancing their intellectual capabilities.

If you cook honey, it will become poisonous. People are using it in cooking and baking cakes but it’s not good. A certain part of the honey tends to turn poisonous when cooked or heated. It can be consumed by mixing it in warm water, not in boiling water.

How to consume Honey

If you put it in hot water, it sets a certain kind of enzyme to behave in a certain way. It tends to take excess weight out of the body. When added to cold water, it behaves differently and accordingly adds weight to the body. It is not that a few spoons of honey that you are taking add weight to the body. It is just that it sets off a certain reaction in your system that affect your absorption rate as such that you tend to gain weight.


We want to consume it in warm water because we want the system to open up. If you want to integrate the system just for health, consume a little bit of honey in warm water daily and you will see slowly see an increase in the RBC count. Suddenly you will feel a burst of energy, everything is being rejuvenated, the dead cells are being replaced quickly, and the level of inertia that you feel in the body is much lower. Hence, consuming honey will bring a certain balance to the circulatory system which is very very essential for a healthy, balanced life full of energy and vitality.

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