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GM Diet challenge – Day 6 review.

Day 6

Here we are on the 6th day of the GM diet plan challenge. This will be my last update about the challenge that I have undertaken. Remember, there are 4 more rounds to go. The next round of the GM diet plan starts on the 2nd of March. Just to give u a perspective, I have lost all 3.55 kilos. That much weight in 5 days actually. I would take it any day. I have tried weight loss programs before wherein I would be happy if I was able to lose 2 kilos a month. This has been way more rewarding for sure.

Day 6 Diet.

So, the call of the day was chicken and vegetables. I was supposed to go out and buy chicken for that and get, however, due to very bad weather and rains, I couldn’t do so. Instead, I thought I shall replace chicken with eggs. I am not sure if that was the right thing to do. I have read somewhere though that by chicken, they mean any protein source. Come to think of it now, I don’t think so anymore. Chicken is chicken and protein source is the protein source and not just chicken. So there has to be some difference.

Moreover, from the previous day itself, I had completely lost appetite. I didn’t feel like eating anything all day. So I did not have a proper meal. I just snacked throughout the day on vegetables and boiled eggs. I also had guava and some apples in between. I guess the only thing I made a mistake with was that I replaced chicken with eggs. That is something I shall take care of when I do this the next time starting on the 2nd of March.

Some Learnings.

This is my first ever experience with a crash diet like the GM diet plan. I am thrilled to announce an overall weight loss of 3.55 kilograms (7.83 pounds). That’s not bad at all by any standards and has achieved that over just 6 days.

Some mistakes that I intend not to make when I start with the second round of the GM diet plan:-

  • I continued to take my diabetes medication even though I was on a crash diet. I later consulted my doctor about this and he said that it was best that I skipped my meds when I was on this crash diet. One more reason is that I am in an early diabetic phase. So if you are reading this and getting inspired to start the GM diet plan, I strongly recommend you consult your doctor first. Especially so, if you are on any kind of medication like I was.
  • Day 5 and day 6, I happily replaced some amount of chicken from my diet with protein sources like Lentils, eggs, and soybean. Though these are rich sources of protein, the diet doesn’t recommend these. I made the mistake of generalizing chicken for protein and made this mistake. I feel, that came in the way of me losing maybe another kilo somewhere.


I have to be happy to have lost 3.55 Kilograms, thanks to the GM diet plan. I can’t wait to lose more and get active in shaping up and feeling great. This is just the beginning and the beginning in the right direction. Expect to hear from me soon with round 2 of the GM Diet Plan starting the 2nd of March.

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