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GM Diet challenge – Day 5 review.

Day 5
Day 5 Breakfast
Day 5
Day 5 Breakfast and Lunch

Here I am back once again with updates from day 5 of my GM Diet challenge. I am very happy with the results that I gave got so far. Losing quite a bit of the weight that I would want to lose. The fifth day went somewhat unlike the first 4 days which I shall discuss in detail. Overall, I gained 100 gm weight yesterday. That has clearly got to do with some other health complications that I have.

The 5th day was the most difficult day yet. Added to that, I have a health complication. I have been recently diagnosed as Diabetic and am currently on oral tablets. Through the last 4 days, I have continued with my diabetic medication, even though I have been on the GM Diet. Due to this, after lunch, yesterday, I took my afternoon dose of the diabetic tablet and after an hour, I started feeling uncomfortable. Felt dizzy and tired. So I decided to take a nap.

Even after the nap, I was feeling lethargic and was finding it difficult to leave the bed. That’s very unusual of me cause I do not sleep in the afternoon unless I am unwell. Then all of a sudden it struck, me that these are signs of low sugar. So I checked my blood sugar and the glucometer suggested that my blood sugar level was 56mg/dl. That is way below the normal threshold. So, I had to drink a glass of water with glucose. And then I had to eat a little sweet. That would have definitely affected my weight loss on the 5th day.

Day 5 Diet.

I stuck to my diet of Tomatoes and chicken. A chicken broth was made with very little oil. Breakfast with just 3 tomatoes cut into pieces with some salt and pepper and some chilly sauce. Lunch was that chicken broth with one tomato cut into pieces and put in that broth.

Dinner was pretty much the same as well. I added some cucumber and onion to a tomato salad that I made. Drizzled with salt and pepper. Overall, simple food. Towards the evening I felt that due to the diet I had on the last 4 days, such a lot of protein on day 5 seemed to show my digestive system off guard.  What really threw me off the balance on day 5 was the sugar that I had to take to get my sugar level in place.


The Challenge.

It really got challenging at one point since I had completely ignored the effect of my diabetes medicine. However, I have learned my lessons and I shall surely be watchful about this in the future. Meanwhile, I shall be sticking to the rest of the plan. The goal is to lose 16 kilos in 60 days. Clearly, if not a lot, I have certainly managed to lose 3.5 kilos in 5 days, which is still phenomenal. Looking forward to losing the remaining 12.5 kilos.

The Result:

The net result looks promising still. However, I do see a weight gain of 100 gms over yesterday.

Description Before Day1 Day2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Wt. Loss
Weight ( Kg) 106.55 104.95 104.35 103.85 102.85 102.95 3.6
Weight ( Pound) 234.9 231.37 230.05 228.95 226.75 226.97 7.9


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