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GM Diet challenge – Day 4 review.

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Day 4

I am excited about sharing today’s results. Well, I am excited every day when I sit to share the results, but yesterday has been just crazy. Do you know how it feels to lose 1 kilogram of weight a day?? If you don’t, then get started and you will know. It’s magical and it happens. Day 4 was just one more amazing day.

Honestly, the 4th day was more difficult than the first 3 days. Just milk and banana. Even though it is enough to keep yourself full, however, I guess it is more of a psychological problem. I was feeling that I am starving and not eating but I wasn’t hungry. At one go, it was difficult for me to eat more than 2 bananas as I was getting stuffed completely.

By now, my detoxification is complete. I feel fresh, alert, and full of energy. In fact, I can see that I can work longer hours and am less tired. By now, I am pretty confident that I shall succeed in the 60-day challenge that I have undertaken. I am all set to be 16 kilos lighter in the next 55 days.

Day 4 Diet.

Day 4 is pretty straightforward and simple. Nothing to plan and worry about. Just Bananas and milk. I had decided that I would eat 8 bananas and

Day 4

drink as much milk as I can. So I wasn’t feeling guilty while I drank 4 cups of tea with milk yesterday, without sugar. I stopped sugar in my team and have been taking Stevia instead. A healthy option that you could contemplate too. By far the safest sweetening agent available out there.

The plan was to munch on a banana whenever I felt hungry. So had 5 bananas throughout the day. By evening, I had a headache. It was quite a severe one but not unbearable. So, didn’t take any kind of medication for that. I finished work later in the night. Had 3 bananas and a glassful of milk. Slept like a log to beat the headache. No images today for the meals I took. Frankly, I did not take a meal. Just snacked through the day.

The Challenge.

One thing I must say. The excitement and thrill of losing weight so easily and fast are so overwhelming that it beats any challenge that comes in the way. After 4 days, it just feels great. I have never known that losing weight can be this easy. I would like to reach out to each one of you who wants to shred those extra pounds. Just go for it. Don’t cheat. Follow it religiously for 4 days and the results will ensure that you do it properly and, in the future, as well. It feels amazing.

Day 4 Results.

Can’t wait to share this part with each one of you. I have been struggling to lose weight for at least 15 years now. Tried exercises, walking, different forms of diet. Nothing helped like the way this has. This is the result after day 4.

Description Before Day1 Day2 Day 3 Day 4 Wt. Loss
Weight ( Kg) 106.55 104.95 104.35 103.85 102.85 3.7
Weight ( Pound) 234.9 231.37 230.05 228.95 226.75 8.2

If losing weight has been on your mind for some time, I can bet, it can’t get easier than this. Just a little resolve and a little sense of purpose. Just 4 days, rest will be easy.

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