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GM Diet challenge – Day 2 review.

GM Diet Day 2

Here we are with the update from Day 2.

First of all, I want to tell you how I feel. I feel fresh than I normally do. Lighter for sure. Losing 2% of your body weight in 2 days is definitely encouraging and motivating. The start is very promising and so far, the sacrifice I have to make is worth it. I am totally motivated to continue with the 12-day cycles that I explained in my previous article (GM diet – Day 1 review).

If you are following this blog and this challenge that I have accepted, I want to tell you that it is absolutely worth it. No regrets whatsoever. Let’s see how much is the total weight loss at the end of these 7 days. However, even if it was just 2 kilos (which is what it is now) I would still be thrilled. I know then it will take me 60 days to lose 10 kilos. The only challenge I see now is to maintain the weight during those 5 days when I won’t be on this diet. That’s something I shall worry about when I get there. For now, it is a big success.

If you are serious about losing weight, the first thing is to get yourself a weighing scale. When you see that your weight is reducing right before your eyes, you won’t need any more motivation. That will take of it.

Day 2 Diet.

The morning started with 2 medium-sized potatoes, boiled. Remove the skin and cut it into small pieces. Served with salt and pepper and a dash of lime.

Lunch was a vegetable preparation with very little oil. Lots of vegetable in it. Pumpkin, drumsticks, brinjal, radish, green peas, Beans, and Hyacinth bean (Sheem in Bengali). Also had some cabbage, stir cooked in low flame.

Dinner was a bit of the same 2 vegetable preparation I had for lunch. Some salad with cucumber, onion, and carrot. Whenever I was hungry, I snacked on some grapes, an apple, and guava in between.

Once again, the only thing I had outside my diet was 4 cups of tea with little milk and lots of water.

Breakfast Day 2
Breakfast Day2
Lunch Day 2
Lunch Day 2
Dinner Day 2
Dinner Day 2

The Challenge.

Weight loss of 2.2 Kg in 2 days

Honestly, it was way easier than I thought it would be. After Day I, I was left starving with a headache. However, day 2 was smoother than I thought. I love to eat vegetables and so I was quite looking forward to it. I had a stomach full of vegetables. Yes. I read all possible versions of the diet plan and the authentic ones did say I could eat as much as I could. I did just that. For dinner, I served myself so much that it was difficult to finish it. Then the result is so motivating that by the time you reach Day 2, you are more motivated than day 1.

Once again, it is just numbers. So I shall share that.

Description Before Day1 Day2 Wt. Loss
Weight ( Kg) 106.55 104.95 104.35 2.2
Weight ( Pound) 234.9 231.37 230.05 4.85

Shall see you tomorrow with updates on Day 3. Hope my experience inspires a few of you to try losing some weight and get healthier than you are currently.


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