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GM Diet challenge – Day 3 review.

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Day 3

So time for an update after day 3.

First of all, health-wise, I feel great. No tiredness as I was expecting. In fact, I feel very fresh and feel active. I have been sleeping less because I don’ get tired anymore and that lethargic feeling at night and afternoon is gone. I can focus better and feel mentally sharper as well. So I see definite improvement there. No headaches anymore and no discomfort whatsoever that I can lay my fingers on. To top that, the feeling of losing 2.7 kilos in 3 days gives such a major high. It’s extremely motivating and clearly, the results are way bigger than the temporary sacrifice I need to make.

The 12-day cycle is on for 60 days. That means, we shall go through 5 cycles and then shall give you a final take on it. In the meantime, I shall be here on this block and the Facebook page every day with updates and reviews of how things are going. If You have any questions, you can comment below and I shall get back to you with my thoughts and perspectives. If it benefits all, we shall have it posted on the blog as well.

Day 3 Diet.

So the 3rd day for the GM diet plan suggests that we can eat vegetables and fruit. As much as you possibly can. What you can’t eat are potatoes, tomatoes, and bananas. Carrots and green peas to be avoided. I enjoyed the breakfast yesterday. Since it’s a “No Potato” day today, I decided to skip breakfast. Not something that I am a fan of, but instead, I chose to have 2 big cups of Milk Tea without sugar.

Lunch and dinner were actually the same. A vegetable stew with French beans, cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, very little green peas. All of this boiled in a pressure cooker cooked in coconut milk. It was either super tasty, or I was super hungry. And then I had some cucumber and onion salad as well. In between meals I munched on fruits like apples, guavas, and grapes.

The Challenge

Day 3

Result on Day 3

The thrill of the result achieved after day 2 was enough to see me through the day. In fact, for a foodie like me, staying off my favorite stuff is really unreal. However, I managed. The good thing is that, physically, I have started feeling good. It’s making me feel more active and productive. I do spend a bit of time meditating as well so overall, it’s going great. However, I am a hardcore non-vegetarian. So staying away from non-veg is becoming difficult for sure. I am telling myself “ just one more day and then I am over the hill.”

Day 3 Result.

All there before your eyes. Believe it or not. At times, I can’t believe see what’s happening.

Description Before Day1 Day2 Day 3 Wt. Loss
Weight ( Kg) 106.55 104.95 104.35 103.85 2.7
Weight ( Pound) 234.9 231.37 230.05 228.95 5.95

Shall be back again tomorrow with updates from Day 4. That’s Banana and milk day. Not looking forward to it at all. But just one more day before I can eat non-veg food again.

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