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GM Diet challenge – Day 1 review.

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As you would know that I have taken the GM diet Challenge. 19th of February was day 1 for me. Just to give you the background, I have promised my partner to lose 15 kilos within the next 6 months. Hence, the goal is to reduce to 90 kilos before August 20th and then maintain it as well. Here’s an update of Day 1.

The weight loss plan is 3 pronged.

  1. Crash Diet
  2. Morning Walk (30 mins at least)
  3. Light workout (30 mins)

So, this is going to be my schedule for the next 60 days. After that, we shall review the situation and then call if this has helped. Whether we should continue or a new regime needs to be started to achieve the weight loss goal.

Diet Plan.

Based on the research that I have done over the internet; this is what I have decided. The GM diet is of 7 days. One should keep a gap of 5 to 7 days before starting the next cycle. So I have decided that I shall follow a 12-day cycle. This trial is for 60 days. Hence, I will go through 5 cycles to decide and confirm if the diet and the exercise plan have helped.

For the first 7 days of the 12-day cycle, I shall be following the GM Diet plan (crash diet). For the next 5 days, I shall be maintaining a low carbohydrate, high protein, and fiber diet. This will help in regaining strength and also help in maintaining the body weight in these 5 days before the next cycle of 7 days starts.

Before I started with my GM Diet plan.

As of 19th of August at 7 AM, these are my details.



Weight ( Kg)


Weight ( Pound)


Day 1 of GM Diet

Stated the day with a bowl of fruits and ended the day with fruits. Now winters are not a good time for fruits and then I can’t banana. Hence, I am left with very little choice. Frankly, I hate fruits. To survive on fruits one full day was a major challenge for me for sure. But I did survive on 4 fruit. Grapes, black grapes, guava, and apple. That’s it. I drank loads of water and 3 cups of tea the entire day. Tea was with milk though but without sugar.

The Challenge.

It was tough

h. Not that I was tempted to eat other stuff but I was hungry throughout. The toughest thing was to sleep at night. I can’t think of sleeping unless my stomach is full. So for most of the night, I was awake. Just tossing and turning. Towards the evening on Day 1, I started getting a headache. Just a lingering headache that gets pretty severe at night. I ignored it for some time, then went off to sleep, thinking it should become alright. Overall, it was a tough day. In case you are thinking to try the GM Diet, be prepared for a headache lack of sleep on day 1. If you have any specific questions, you can leave your comment below, I shall be happy to help.

Breakfast – Day 1

Dinner Day 1

Lunch Day 1


Result from Day 1.

I won’t say much. It is all about numbers. So here you go.

Description Before Day1 Wt. Loss
Weight ( Kg) 106.55 104.95 1.61
Weight ( Pound) 234.9 231.35 3.55

Day 1 result






Shall see you tomorrow with updates on Day 2. Hope my experience inspires a few of you to try losing some weight and get healthier than you are currently.

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